Get your 10’s tells the story of how the creative and cultural productions of Americans who live on the margins of society traveled across national borders, investigates how Vogueing adapts to the socio-political context of international locales, and narrates the lives of practitioners across the world. The film documents Artist Rashaad Newsome’s travels to New York, Paris, São Paulo, Tokyo, and Cape Town — interviewing practitioners, hosting live competitions, and documenting the process through video and sculpture. It tells the story of how an art form that emerged in underground gay clubs and practiced by disenchranchised LGBTQ and GNC youths catapulted to a global stage. The project engages current discourses on race, sexuality, gender, performance, and globalization. The project too considers issues pertinent to cultural circulation within global capitalism: the politics of authenticity and the economy of appropriation. Such a complex inquiry will be investigated not only in the film but related multimedia performances, anweb-series, live Vogue competitions, a series of sculptures, and a mobile and web-based game app.